Personalized chocolate promotional gifts for large enterprises

Your brand name and advertising message require high quality carriers.... the most delicious personalised Belgian chocolates and pralines.

Personalized printed chocolate tablets or neapolitans for large enterprises

The wonderful start of a productive conversation

CandyminiCard chocolate tablets with your logo (or photo) are a powerful marketing tool. Corporate Gifts in delicious chocolate, are a great way to say 'Welcome' or 'Thank you' to your customers. Because they clearly notice that your brand chooses dedication and quality. This is the perfect advertising tool for your point of sale, a fair and any event. Because no customer will say no to your chocolate. As a result, you score with your brand(s).

  • Belgian chocolate, imprinted with your brand in the highest resolution in the world
  • very fast delivery
  • optionally also in personalized packaging

Personalized printed pralines or filled chocolates for large enterpises

Exceptional corporate gifts

The most memorable business gifts are unique and tailor-made. Candypralines radiate your extraordinary brand in the form of a unique and traditionally made Belgian praline with delicious hazelnut praline. Your brand image will be applied in high resolution to the refined Candypraline. This ensures impact. You link your brand to a Belgian quality product.

  • Impress customers, business relations and visitors at your event
  • 3 flavours of the very best Belgian chocolate, perfectly decorated with your logo
  • fast delivery time: only 2 weeks after printing clearance

As great as your brands Personalized printed chocolate Tablets or Cards for large enterprises

As great as your brands

One of the large CandyMaxiCards tablets in delicious chocolate with your photo or logo. An impressive corporate gift. A great way to say 'Thank you' to your customers. Because they can't overlook this. Thanks to the CandymaxiCards you make a convincing statement because you connect your company with high quality.

  • 4 varied shapes with printable surface up to 55 x 85 mm
  • delivery within the shortest possible term
  • very best chocolate, in combination with the highest High Definition printing quality

Assortment of personalized printed chocolates and filled chocolates for large enterprises

Demonstrate your superiority and at the same time strengthen your relationship with your business connections.

The CandyCard mix is a unique marketing tool. The ultimate corporate gift in delicious chocolate and/or chocolates in a large gift box. A great way to say 'Thank you' to the customer. Selecting CandyCard mix chocolate symbolizes the excellence of your brands. With the CandyCard mix you make a convincing statement that connects your company to superior quality.

  • best chocolate with a mix of small as well as large and varied printable surfaces
  • short lead times 
  • also possible with branded packaging