Personalized chocolate promotional gifts for Tourism authorities and associations

Decorated Belgian chocolate as a gift for your visitors, staff or sympathizers.

Personalized printed chocolate tablets or neapolitans for Tourism

Printed Belgian chocolate as a souvenir adds just that little bit extra

A wonderful reminder of a visit to your city. City marketing: ideal for promoting your city, region or country. Your city brand and sites reproduced in high definition on CandyminiCard chocolate tablets. A pleasant memory for your residents, visitors or staff. A sympathetic incentive for any occasion or even a way to raise money for your association through members and sympathizers.

  • sustainable Belgian chocolate, printed  in the highest resolution in the world as a souvenir
  • available in milk, dark or white chocolate and with various images

Personalized printed pralines or filled chocolates for Tourism

Personalized pralines... extra exclusive

Candypraline is a nice souvenir after a visit to your city, region or institution. An exclusive Belgian praline for your visitors or staff. A nice surprise for members and sympathizers of your association.

  • apply your logo or illustration directly to pralines
  • the praline is a Belgian invention; let visitors, co-workers or members enjoy it to the full

Personalized printed chocolate Tablets or Cards for Tourism

Beautiful memories deserve great chocolate

Wonderfully pamper your visitors, staff or members. Choose the CandymaxiCards as a memorable gift for your staff or visitors. Edible reminders of a visit to your city or association.

  • extremely impressive with a printable surface up to 90x60 mm, particularly tasty
  • a stunning gift, a wonderful token
  • 3 flavours and from only 80 pieces

Assortment of personalized printed chocolates and filled chocolates for Tourism

Sincerely heartfelt gifts

Extra impressive CandyCard mix of large CandymaxiCard chocolate tablets with small CandyminiCards and/or Candypralines in an impressive gift box. A tasty and grand souvenir of a visit, stay or anniversary. A treat for members and sympathizers. The ultimate appreciation for your staff.

  • from just 80 gift boxes
  • made of sustainable Belgian chocolate
  • your imagination is almost the only limit, thanks to High Resolution print quality on a mix of small and large printable surfaces, shapes and flavours.